At the end of the day, it is about making the right choice for your e-commerce business.

If you are looking for a site that is:

  • Easy to maintain

  • Can edit on the go

  • Has room to grow as your business does

  • Can be customized to your business.

  • Is secure and is optimized for SEO

  • Has added extras like blogging, social media, marketing and third party integrations


How many people use Shopify? And why does this matter?

According to Shopify the product has

  • been used to power 800,000 stores

  • over 1,000,000 active users

  • generated over $100bn in sales.

It's fairly safe to say that Shopify is definitely one of the more established e-commerce platforms out there. This is important because when you choose a hosted solution to build an online store with, you are placing a large amount of trust in the company providing it.

Reasons why I ❤️ Shopify

1. PREMIUM TEMPLATES - Your website is your first impression. You need it to look professional & truly represent you and what you do. Luckily, Shopify comes equipped with beautiful templates - all of which are stylish and functional. The templates can also be customized (with custom coding) made to your specifications.

2. IT FORMATS RIGHT - Your website will not only look amazing on your laptop, but also on your phone or tablet. This is key from a user standpoint and a huge plus for SEO (making sure that your site is ranked higher by Google). 

3. INTEGRATIONS - Shopify offers many free and paid apps to help with sales promotions, shipping and other e-commerce needs. Sell your products through your FB page with built in free integration.

4. RELIABLE AND SECURE - Leave all updates, maintenance and security issues to the pros. You don't have to worry about your site going down and Shopify has fantastic support unlike open source WP with NO support!

5. ALL INCLUDED - Your site is hosted on their secure servers, SSL certificate, built in analytics included (This is important for SEO). Also, you don’t need to add plugin after plugin, like on WordPress, which can slow the site down. You will have a complete invoice system and reports for sales.

Stores created by Amy Tripp Designs using Shopify

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